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Tips for Storing Sports Equipment

Just like any item that we use a lot from time to time, sports equipment needs appropriate care and storage. Given the impact it gets during use, which is quite essential, this seems to make a great deal of sense. Whatever it is – bikes uniforms, balls, rackets, hockey sticks, skis, skates, snow- or skateboards, helmets, etc., – is usually a big investment and it is used seasonally. Proper storage is but one and only guarantee that your equipment will last for as long as you are fit to use it.

Save space!

One thing that you must consider is fitting your items around your storage room, because most of them take up quite a bit of space. There are a number of versatile and space-effective facilities, which include:

  • Bungee cords (for balls)
  • Ceiling hooks (for bikes and other large items)
  • Wall hooks
  • Shelving units and closets
  • Lidded bins or laundry bags
  • Duffel bags (for small-size items)
  • Shoe racks

No dirt or moist!

If you are putting your sports equipment in storage until the next season, take steps to prevent dirt and moist damage. Clean it and let it dry prior to storing. Failure to do so may lead to bacterial and germ damage. You don’t want to come back after four months and find your ball, T-shirt, pants, shoes, baseball bat, etc. smelling bad and/or hardly being usable any more, do you? Please, check ventilation systems and ducts in your storage prior to placing your equipment there.

Let it breathe!

You have imagined once in life what would happen to you if someone placed you in an air-proof plastic bag, haven’t you? Creepy, isn’t it? Then why do the same thing to your sports gear? Most (if not all) sports items are made of materials, which need to breathe. Plastic bags are a taboo! Use cloth bags instead. If you have chosen a duffel bag, keep it unzipped to let in a bit of air. Lidded bins and laundry bags, which are mentioned above, are great for this purpose, because they provide great air flow.

Examine your gear!

It is absolutely imperative that you check your bike, skateboard, etc. before using it. This will keep you and your items safe for longer. If you have noticed a malfunction, try to fix it ASAP. In many cases, it is advisable to use a professional help.

Sort it properly!

Needless to say, you can and should arrange your gear in such a way as to be able to find it instantly when you need it. This refers to small-size equipment stored in bags, bins, baskets, boxes, etc. Make sure you know where exactly your sports gear is stored. Label your receptacles and arrange them in such a way as to have it all close at hand. Running an inventory or registry would be a great idea, so you can look it up and come and take it any time. Check it out to ensure that everything finally gets in its right place.

Where do I arrange storage?

A garage or basement usually come to mind first when the question arises. If so, please, follow the tips above, and your equipment will last a lifetime. Also, there are professional storage services staffed with qualified specialists and using high tech solutions to provide due climate-control, ventilation, and video surveillance.

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