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Self Storage Security: The Latest Technologies

Everyone wants to ensure that their belongings are safe while being stored in a self-storage unit. So you should ask your self-storage facility questions about the type of security system they have in place to ensure they use the latest security technologies.

You'll want to look for a facility that has:

Electronic Gates – electronically controlled gates will keep intruders and thieves out by limiting access to the self-storage facility. Many electronic gates have a keypad entry, swipe card or key fob so that the self-storage facility can track who has entered and when.

Motion Sensors – many self-storage facilities use motion sensors to detect unwanted movement. Some facilities also control lighting in the facility using motion sensors in an effort to save energy. This means that the lights come on and turn off in the areas around you when you are walking through the facility.


24-Hour Video Surveillance – having cameras on the self-storage facility at all times is an excellent way to deter thieves and vandals. CCTV cameras are widely used across the world by banks, department stores and restaurants as a way of monitoring activities, deterring crime and solving crimes that have occurred.

Individual Unit Alarms – some self-storage facilities offer individual unit alarms on each storage unit, which will be set off if any unwanted movement or opening of the unit is detected. These individual unit alarms are a great way to keep your valuables safe.

Self-Storage SecurityLocks – some self-storage units provide padlocks while others ask you to provide your own lock for your unit. If you are providing your own lock you want to purchase the strongest pad lock you can find, one that will not easily be cut using a bolt cutter. Your local hardware store is a great place to go to find a good padlock.

Security staff – onsite security staff are a great deterrent for thieves and vandals. A well-trained staff can help ensure your valuables remain safe. You will want to find out if the staff will remain on site 24/7 and whether or not they do daily facility checks and a walk-through.

Security should always be a top concern when you are finding a self-storage unit. There are a number of new security technologies available to storage facilities that can help you keep your belongings safe.

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