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Organizing Your Commercial Storage Space

If you are considering a commercial storage space you need to do a little planning beforehand to ensure that your space is well organized, neat and easily accessible.

A self-storage space can be a great solution in a number of commercial settings, including:

  • Offices – store records and files that must be kept but are rarely used
  • Transport – store your fleets of trucks when they are not being used
  • Retail – store extra products and merchandise
  • Online retail – reduce the need for office space by storing your products and merchandise

Before you decide on the type of storage unit that is best for your needs consider the type of items that you need to store. For example, if you need to store vehicles like transport trucks, RVs or antique cars then would you prefer an outdoor space, a covered outdoor space or an indoor “garage” like storage spot? For vehicle storage you will want to consider whether winter maintenance is included in your storage fees.

If you are storing pertinent files and records you will need to ensure that the storage space you choose has enough room so that you can easily walk around in the space to access the files you need. You will also want a space that is well organized. Ask if you can install shelving or filing cabinets so that you can keep the files organized and so that you can easily find a file when you need to.

If you have a retail or online retail store and are storing merchandise in your storage unit you want to consider how you will pack the unit. You should place heavier, sturdier boxes on the bottom and light, fragile boxes on the top. Ensure that popular products are at the front so they are easy to access and make sure there is enough room to move around and access the products easily – there is no point in filling the storage unit too much so that it is a hassle to access what you need when you need it.

You should discuss the size of unit you will need with a self-storage representative who can help you assess the type of products and size of unit that will be the best fit. Also, discuss with them the types of security features they have available and whether you should consider a climate-controlled unit. There are a number of considerations when choosing a commercial storage space, however the benefits of increased space at your company or office outweigh the time and research that is necessary to make a good decision.

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