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Moving Tips

Learn about decluttering, how to have an easy move, staging your home for sale and making the most efficient use of your space:

Plan ahead:

  • Gather together your items and make a list so you know how many boxes you may need
  • Assess the necessity of the items, this way you can weed out the ones you no longer need and can dispose of them

Do little bits at a time:

  • Start your planning well ahead so there is no scramble
  • Do one room at a time
  • An hour here and an hour there will help you to tackle the packing task a lot easier, it won’t look so big if you take it bit by bit

Before you start:

  • When packing big items like dishwashers and washing machines disconnect the hoses, drain them and put them inside the appliance so they do not get lost
  • Tape all electrical cords to the appliances that have them so you od not trip when moving them or get tangled in them
  • Drain all fluids from machines and unplug batteries
  • Empty any propane tanks
  • When packing things with movable parts such as an oven’s racks or a BBQ’s rack clean and tape them inside so they don’t move.
  • Purchase your packing materials before you start
  • Buy stackable sturdy boxes to prevent tipping
  • Fill boxes all the way to prevent tipping when you stack them
  • Wrap Fragile materials in bubble wrap and place towels between them to prevent movement
  • Cover mattresses, couches and chairs in shrink wrap or in plastic
  • Throw a dryer sheet in with your cloths and sheets to prevent them from any bad smells that may occur over time
  • When you are finished packing a box close it with packing tape and label exactly what is in it and where it is to be unloaded
  • Contact a James Snow Pkwy Self-Storage specialist and let us help make your move or storage experience a better one. 
  • Need a quick idea of how much space you need? Use our handy Space Calculator!

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