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Motorcycle Storage Tips

Winter is the toughest season on anything left outside, so the first step should be to store it inside. A temperature controlled storage facility will give you the best protection. James Snow Self Storage provides indoor climate controlled storage facilities for the residents of Milton, Acton, Coldwater and surrounding areas.

With that simple first step out of the way lets get into the actual preparation of your motorcycle. Following these 4 simple steps every winter will have your motorcycle ready for indoor storage this coming winter.

1. Fill up the fuel tank and use a fuel stabilizer. If you only follow one step after finding a storage facility make this the one. Old fuel becomes gunky and thick quickly. This will get clogged up in all of your motorcycles parts, making it difficult to start your motorcycle when spring comes. In the worst case scenario you could end up spending a few hundred dollars having your carburetor cleaned out.

2. Purchase a battery tender and hook it up to your battery. This step is for those looking to have their motorcycle ready to go as soon as spring comes. Not installing a battery tender will likely result in you having a dead battery by the time you come back to take your bike out of storage.

3. Don’t put your toys away dirty, clean your motorcycle! If your bike has a lot of chrome this will help avoid pitting. Even if your bike has no chrome this will get all the dirt and grime off before it has the chance to harden over the winter. Who wants to spend the first riding day of spring scraping 3 month old pieces of bugs and dirt off their bike? That is time you could be riding!

4. Start your engine every few weeks for five minutes. All you have to do is start the engine to get this benefit. If you can ride it around the block on a warmer day that is free of snow and other dangers than that will be of even greater benefit. What is important here is to get it running, have a check over everything and make sure it is all still working fine. Your bike may be locked up inside, but it would be nice to at least hear the engine for a few minutes, don’t you think?

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