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How to Properly Store Furniture

Where should I store my furniture and why?

Furniture is what makes our home life a true life, and it is something that we can hardly do without. Buying furniture for your apartment is a serious investment, because you buy comfort for years to come. Sometimes we have to keep furniture outside of our living space, for example, when we have to move to another place or renovate our homes. This raises another problem: how and where to store furniture to preserve its original shape.

Store your furniture in a climate-controlled unit!

  • Humidity and temperature are the core factors determining your items’ lifetime. Failure to maintain appropriate temperature, moisture, and humidity levels and storing them in units without climate control can cause your wooden pieces to crack and warp, and leather items to grow mold. Definitely, this is not the fate you wish your high-value sofa or living-room suite, is it?
  • Choose a storage unit with enough space to house all your items. Do not perch one item onto another, because you may end up with torn leather or fabric and scratched surfaces.
  • Make sure there is enough space to place your items at a distance from one another. Thus you will prevent damage resulting from falling of one piece down onto another. If you have to store your entire suite, renting a large unit (10x10 or 20x10) will be a better option. It will cost a bit more, but it is nothing compared to repair costs!
  • It is advisable to have your wooden furniture professionally polished and moisturized and leather furniture cleaned before putting it to storage. Failure to do so can cause the wood to dry out and crack. This will rob your items of the good looks and may weaken their structure. If you are storing leather items or those featuring fabric, make sure they are absolutely dry. Any moisture can cause mildew and mold to grow on your items.
  • Disassemble large items prior to putting them in storage and keep the screws and nuts in separate packages.
  • It is strongly recommended to keep your items elevated. This applies to all types of furniture (wooden, leather, etc.), because all these materials need ventilation. Also, it will protect your furniture against force majeure factors like flooding. It is advisable to put furniture on wood pallets.
  • Do not wrap your wooden items in plastic, because it may cause them to ‘sweat’. Instead, drape them in clean and large pieces of cloth.
  • Store electronics (TV, audio systems, refrigerators, etc.) in a separate area and pack them properly. Use their original packaging.

If not climate-controlled

  • If you do not have an opportunity to rent a climate-controlled storage unit, there is a good chance that you will store your items successfully in a unit not equipped with such systems.
  • To prevent deterioration, clean your items using antibacterial cleansers. Make sure that leather and fabric items are perfectly dry to prevent mold and mildew. Apply wax to wooden furniture to provide an optimal amount of moist. Polish metal parts to prevent oxidation.
  • Wrap you items properly. Unlike in the previous case, here you can use plastic or shrink wrappers. Also, you can cover your furniture with blankets and put some soft material under each piece. Place items away from doors.
  • Do not store heirlooms in units not featuring climate control systems!

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