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5 Storage Space Tips for Winter

 As the seasons are changing and the cold weather is approaching it is time to find storage space as you are about to close down your trailer, shut up your boat, clear out your cottage and winterize your home. With the winter season approaching you’ll need to dig out your winter clothes, outerwear and recreational equipment from storage so that you can be ready to enjoy the winter season. 


Using a self-storage facility will make your life a little easier as you say goodbye to summer and get ready to welcome winter. Here are some storage space tips that are sure to help:


1. Sort through your summer clothes – you should go through your closets and clothes that you have worn throughout the summer months. Try everything on.  Clothes that still fit can be packed up and brought to your storage facility.  Clothes that don’t fit or are out of style can be donated to charity. This will allow you to make room in your closet for the bulky sweaters and pants you will be wearing shortly.

2. Unpack your winter clothes – unpack your winter clothes and try everything on.  Only clothes that still fit should get a spot in your closet. Clothes that no longer fit or are out of style can be donated to charity.

3. Make an inventory of clothes you need to buy – once you’ve sorted through your winter clothes take an inventory of what you need to buy. Perhaps you have gained or lost weight and as a result you need to do a lot of shopping for long-sleeved shirts, sweaters and pants.  Or perhaps your size hasn’t changed but what is fashionable this season has.  Once you have an inventory hit the malls and fill out your closet.

4. Ensure you have proper outdoor clothing ready – if you can reuse your winter coat from last season now is a good time to take it to the drycleaner for a good cleaning (as opposed to the first cold day of the season, when you really need it).  Ensure your winter boots still fit and are useable and make sure that you’ve got a pair of mittens, a hat and a scarf.  You don’t want to be frantically searching for these items the first day it snows.

5. Move summer items to storage to make room in your home for winter items – You don’t need your patio set, bicycles, roller blades and camping gear over the winter months so now is a great time to put these sort of items into your self-storage facility.  While you’re there, grab your skis, snowboards, skates and sleds and bring these items home so they are ready to use whenever you need them.

With these five easy steps you can not only be more prepared for the winter season, but you can use your storage space efficiently and effectively while freeing up space at home.    

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