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Items That Need a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

What is a climate-controlled storage?

Climate-controlled storage is a building or room in it intended for storing weather-sensitive items and equipped with devices that maintain optimal temperature and humidity. Most such storages maintain a temperature of 55-85 F (+12-30°C) and provide reliable protection against environmental damage.

Climate control is carried out with the help of HVAC systems, which adjust temperature and humidity levels. These include heating, ventilation, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, etc., which can be set up to maintain acceptable conditions depending on the type of items.

Climate-controlled storage units are built in areas that experience dramatic seasonal temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Why store items in a climate-controlled unit?

The influence of moist and temperature on some materials can be destructive. For example, wood contracts when it gets cold and, vice versa, expands when it gets hot. Such fluctuations cause it to crack and warp. Therefore, wooden items, if exposed to this influence, can be damaged beyond use and repair. Plastic items can melt in high temperatures and lose shape.

Moist and dampness create a paradise for bacteria, fungi, mildew, pests, and parasites. Prolonged exposure to moist will ruin delicate fabrics and paper. Metal objects, when exposed to moist and unstable temperature, grow rusty and lose their function.

One more thing to consider, when choosing between a climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled unit, is for how long you are going to store your items. If you are going to store them for less than a couple of weeks and there are no reasons to fear a dramatic weather change, you can use a simple storage unit. However, if you are going to store things for more than a month or you are not sure for how long, please, consider using a climate-controlled facility.

What items require climate control?

Furniture is made of wood, plastic, fabric, and metal. Because all these materials are sensitive to harsh environmental influences, they need permanent protection and should be stored in climate-controlled units. Failure to provide appropriate environment can cause it to warp, crack, and melt. Upholstery may develop mildew and suffer pest damage. These items are best stored at 55-85 F (13-30°C) of temperature and around 40% of humidity.

Clothing, carpets, plush toys, etc. are extremely vulnerable to moist and therefore require proper temperature (40-70 F, 5-20°C) and humidity (50-55%) regimes.

For electronics - computers, audio- and video recorders/players, speakers, cameras, etc., climate control is an absolute must! Moist and extreme temperature can cause irreparable damage to these costly items. Before being placed to storage, they must be packed properly. Optimal temperature for electronic devices is 50-80 F (10-25°C), humidity – 45-50%.

Optical discs (CDs, DVDs, etc.) and vinyl records are very environmentally sensitive and therefore cannot do without proper climate control. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight either. Store these things at 65-70 F (18-20°C).

Books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and other paper items may fade beyond readability or turn yellow without proper climate control. They should be stored at a temperature of 35-75 F (2-24°C) and humidity of around 35%.

James Snow Parkway Self-Storage has two state-of-the-art climate-controlled storage facilities available to protect your valuables from harsh temperature changes that can cause potential damage. We have secured climate-controlled storage rental for residents of Richmond Hill and the surrounding areas of Vaughan, Markham and Newmarket.

Contact one of our customer service representatives by phone 1-877-875-3838 to discuss whether climate-controlled storage is needed to protect the items you wish to store.

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