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Short-Term Storage

Sometimes finding short-term storage solutions can be difficult. Not everyone wants to be tied down to a contract at a self-storage facility, some of which you are contractually stuck with for over a year. In fact, many people may not even consider looking at self-storage facilities when they need storage for a short period of a couple of weeks to a month or two. However, there are storage facilities that offer short-term storage solutions, and these are worth investigating. You just have to do a little research to find one that is right for your needs and requirements.

James Snow Parkway Self-Storage offers secure, affordable year-round short-term storage to the Milton, Acton, Coldwater and Richmond Hill areas. With our 24-hour security and access you can rest assured your belongings will be safe and easily accessible whenever you need them.

When you’re moving there are a number of situations that can occur that require you to find an affordable short-term storage solution as quickly as possible. The following situation is one, which may have happened to you or someone you know:

You have sold your house but your buyer wants to take possession very quickly. Unfortunately, you won’t gain possession of your new home for at least several weeks. Sounds familiar? At James Snow Parkway Self-Storage we have the solution. We can accommodate just a few boxes or the contents of an entire house. Our variety of storage unit sizes will suit everyone’s needs.

If you need to find space for the contents of your house before you gain possession of your new house or apartment you can store them safely and securely at James Snow Parkway Self-Storage. Unlike many self-storage companies we offer short-term storage, which means you can rent a storage space from us for just a month if you need to. As well, unlike our competitors you can give a week’s notice to move out. The flexibility of our short-term storage is truly unique. Use our space calculator to accurately determine the size and type of storage space you need.

When you look for short term storage you want to ensure that you:

  • Read the contract very carefully to ensure that the time period you are signing up for matches your needs.
  • Understand what is needed to end your contract with the storage company – some places will require written notice a month in advance while others only need a week.
  • Are only looking into storage facilities that are secure and have top-notch security features. There is no point putting your belongings in an unsecure facility, even if it is only for a week or two.
  • Choose a facility that is easily accessible – something close to your home or work and that is open at times that are convenient for you.

Whether you are buying, selling or renting, if you have an upcoming move and need a place to store your items for a short period of time contact a representative at James Snow Parkway Self-Storage to get information about how we can help. Or request pricing information and compare us with other self-storage companies in the area and see for yourself that James Snow Parkway Self-Storage offers the most secure and affordable short-term storage in the Milton, Acton, Coldwater and Richmond Hill areas.

At James Snow Parkway Self-Storage, we are dedicated to providing you with the most secure self-storage facilities available. Contact a James Snow Parkway Self-Storage representative by phone 1-877-875-3838 to learn about the variety of self-storage options, unit sizes and features we offer, including short-term storage.

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