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Self Storage Facilities

Self-storage is an excellent option if you are considering moving or just de-cluttering your current living space.  When looking for a self-storage Ontario location you want to ensure you find a safe, secure company thatis easily accessible and close to your home and/or work place.  Every self-storage place will offer different amenities and standards of service, so it is important to carefully research your options and ensure that you find the facility that will be best matched to your individual needs.

Many people across Canada and the United States use self-storage facilities.  Although your own reasons for needing self-storage may be unique the most common reasons people use self-storage include:

  • Moving
  • Home remodelling
  • A major life change (marriage/divorce, a new child, death in the family)
  • Military deployment
  • Extensive travel
  • Storing large items (such as extra furniture, boats, canoes, cars, motorcycles, RVs)
  • Storing seasonal items (such as skis, snowshoes, patio furniture)

There are a number of self-storage facilities available in your neighbourhood.  So how do you choose the best self-storage company? Here are some factors to consider when making your choice:

  1. Size and cost: you will want to consider the type and size of storage units available.  Estimate the amount of space you need and how much the unit will cost 
  2. Location: make sure that the location is accessible and close to your home and/or work  
  3. Accessibility: when can you access your storage unit?  Some self-storage companies will offer 24/7 access, while others are accessible only for certain hours or days of the week. Also consider who has access to your unit.  For example, are you the only one with a key or pass card?
  4. Security: types of security could include 24 hour security cameras, on-site security guards, staff who perform daily facility checks, motion sensors, electronic gates and alarms
  5. Amenities: there are a variety of amenities that self-storage companies offer.  Climate-controlled units are important if you are storing electronics or other valuables that will be affected by cold, heat or temperature changes.  Whether you need an indoor or outdoor storage unit will depend on what it is you are storing (furniture or an automobile)
  6. Extras: many self-storage companies will ensure that there are dollies and carts to help you move heavy items into and out of your storage unit.  As well, some storage companies make moving supplies accessible and can recommend a network of reliable movers

Above all make sure you make a well-informed decision.  Once you research the self-storage facilities in your neighbourhood and make your choice you can begin to de-clutter your current space, making more space for living and working!  

So for your next move contact a representative at James Snow Parkway Self-Storage to see how they can be of help and remember, moving and storage go hand in hand!

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