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Self Storage Companies

Whether at work or at home, everyone could use a little more space.  Self-storage is an affordable way to use your current space more efficiently.  But with so many self-storage companies to choose from, what should you be looking for?  When considering a self-storage company, keep these tips in mind:

  • Location: choose a location that is close and convenient to your house and/or workplace
  • Accessibility: shop around for a self-storage company that has flexible hours and is easily accessible.  Some self-storage companies will offer 24/7 access
  • Size: find out what sized units are available. You want to ensure you are paying for the right amount of space
  • Cost: make sure you know the total costs and how often will you be charged
  • Security:
    • Alarms – ensure they have security alarms as well as smoke alarms
    • Security Guards – ask if staff will be conducting facility checks on a daily basis
    • Security Cameras – are there cameras on your unit and do these operate 24/7?  Security cameras are a great deterrent, especially for outdoor units.
    • Limited access to your unit – will you be the only one with a key or swipe card to your storage unit? 
    • High tech options – many self-storage companies also offer other high tech security options like motion sensors
  • Climate-Controlled Units: Depending on what you are storing, you may want to opt for units that are climate-controlled. If you are storing electronics, art work or fragile valuables that may be affected by the cold, heat or temperature changes you definitely want to secure a climate-controlled unit to ensure your items are not damaged by the temperature
  • Read the Contract: As with anything in life read a contract carefully before you sign it. Look at the fine print and make sure you know and understand the details like how long you have to sign up for and how much notice you need to give before you move out.

There are many self-storage companies to choose from so you need to ensure you do your research and choose one with a good reputation that will offer you the best service while meeting your individual storage needs

So if your looking for self storage companies, contact a representative at James Snow Parkway Self-Storage to see how they can be of help and remember, moving and storage go hand in hand!

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