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Moving and Storage in Richmond Hill

Moving and storage go hand in hand. Consider a move as an opportunity to sort through some of your items that you no longer need. Items you need to keep but rarely use should be stored away. Even items you use often, but not daily can be put into storage to help clear room in your new home.

Moving is a great time to get organized and maximize your living space. Here are several de-cluttering tips that will help you decide what should stay in your home, go into storage, be donated to a good cause and be thrown away:

  • Clean out closets and dressers regularly
  • When a new season approaches pack away the clothes and prepare them for storage.  Rubbermaid containers are a great way to store seasonal clothes.  Remember to include a bounce sheet to keep them smelling fresh. Ensure you have a separate container for each season and clearly label the container as “summer clothes” or “winter clothes”
  • If your clothes are out of style or no longer fit consider donating them to a local charity
  • Any items that are beyond repair, or no longer useful (those odd socks) can be thrown away
  • Clear out your attic and basement clutter
  • Seasonal items such as skis, skates, sleds, lawn furniture, inner tubes and mountain bikes can be stored in the off-season when they are not needed
  • Boxes that haven’t been opened for more than a year (or since your last move) should be sorted through. Throw out or donate what you can and prepare what you can’t throw away for long term storage 
  • Clear out your garage and make space for your vehicles
  • Your garage may be filled with seasonal items like lawn mowers and snow removal equipment that take up too much space in the off season. These items should be moved into storage until you need them
  • Your garage may be home to scrap pieces of wood, empty boxes, broken electrical equipment and other items which you are unlikely to use. Donate what is useable to a charity and throw the rest away. Remember to dispose of hazardous household waste according to your municipalities bylaws.

Moving is a perfect opportunity to de-clutter and sort through your existing items. James Snow Parkway Self-Storage is a moving and storage company that can provide you with a safe, accessible and secure location to store your belongings and free up space in your new home.  They also offer moving services, including:

James Snow Self Storage is happy to offer Public Storage at our Richmond Hill location. Here we have secured indoor storage rental for residents of Richmond Hill and the surrounding areas of Vaughan, Markham and Newmarket. Our Self Storage Facilities are secure, safe, easy to access and only minutes from Hwy 401. Our facility provides exception secured self storage in Richmond Hill.

So for your next move contact a representative at James Snow Parkway Self-Storage to see how they can be of help and remember, moving and storage go hand in hand!

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