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Self Storage Rates

Self-storage rates may seem daunting, but before you dismiss self storage prices as too costly consider that the benefits likely outweigh the cost.  When you look around your home, do you feel like there just isn’tenough space?  Do you have lots of clutter and “junk” that you can’t part with filling your closets, basement and garage?  If so, then you should consider self-storage as an option for opening up some of your living space.  Self-storage rates are usually quite reasonable and should not be a roadblock in your way to a happy, stress-free environment.

When you are considering self-storage pricing you want to weigh what is included in the cost against the price.  The cheapest price is not always the way to go.  You want to ensure that your items are properly secure and often times the price will be low because there are less security features and amenities offered at the storage location.  Instead, you want to find an affordable self-storage company that offers the security and benefits you need.

If your job has you working odd hours or shift work, then you will want a self-storage company that provides flexible hours so you can access your stored items at any time of the day.  There is no point in using a storage facility if you can’t get access to your belongings when you need them. Also consider the type and size of storage space you need.  Do you need a climate-controlled unit to keep your valuables safe?  Do you need an indoor or outdoor unit?

Of course, security is very important.  Make sure that there are security cameras installed at your location and that staff will check the facilities daily.  Many self-storage locations have electronically controlled gates that use a pass card or security code to open.  Also, consider whether you are the only one who has a key to your storage unit.  Ask about the types of alarm systems and fire prevention methods used at your storage site.  If you will be moving items in the evening you also want to ensure that the facilities are well-lit and constantly monitored.

Overall, there is more to choosing a storage company than just looking at the self-storage rates.  Although self-storage prices are important they shouldn’t be the only factor you consider.  Ensure that the self-storage company offers you the security and amenities that you need to keep your valuables safe and accessible.

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