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Green Business Storage Options

Self-storage is an excellent option for businesses however business storage can also be environmentally friendly.  Many businesses are seeking ways to increase their corporate social responsibility and are looking for ways to make their businesses more environmentally friendly.  Self-storage can be an excellent way to cut down on energy and reduce a company’s carbon footprint.

Self-storage certainly will allow a business to de-clutter and free up space, which can be a huge cost saver for companies that can avoid moving into a larger office space by moving extra files, documents and products to a self-storage facility.  Ensuring your business uses the smallest office space possible not only reduces your cost, but also helps the environment as you will use less heat and energy in a smaller space.

Business records of customer or client information must be kept and easily accessed – this is a legal requirement for many organisations.  However, such records use a lot of floor space in the office, space which must be lit and heated.  Storing these documents off site in a self-storage facility can reduce the energy use of the business, reducing its overall carbon footprint.

Most self-storage facilities have heat and motion sensitive lighting that will turn on only when needed, which reduces energy costs and is extremely environmentally friendly. Also, using filing systems and cabinets within the self-storage space is a great way to ensure you can easily access these documents quickly.  By keeping the documents organised in self-storage they will always be easy to find.

For online businesses that sell products online self-storage is a great place to keep products and stock in a secure area that will allow the reduction of office space, an excellent option for staying green.

Whether you need to store a fleet of transport trucks, sensitive files and documents or de-clutter your office and free up some space, there are a number of business storage options that are not only cost effective, but also environmentally friendly.


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