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Interior Preparations for Camper Storage This Fall

It is always sad to say goodbye to another year of camping, but with fall here it's time to find camper storage for the winter. Preparing your RV for winter storage now means that you can get back into the outdoors faster once spring is here.Preparing your RV for winter storage is a big job. Many people feel that winterizing an RV has more to do with the exterior than the interior. It is important to ensure items like the plumbing and water tank are properly prepared for winter, however the jobs to do inside your camper are just as important.

Prevent Mice and Rodents From Accessing Your Trailer:

  • Inspect the underside of your RV for gaps or holes
  • Open drawers and cabinet doors and also look at corners and crevices. If you see any day light coming in then it means that mice or other critters can get in through these areas
  • If you find any gaps or holes you can fill them using silicone or expanding foam
  • Remove all food and thoroughly clean your RV

Clean Appliances

  • Empty and defrost the freezer compartment and clean the refrigerator completely
  • Place baking soda in the compartments to absorb odours
  • Ensure the microwave is cleaned
  • If you have an oven and stove now is a good time to give it a good cleaning

Prepare Your RV for Power Outage

  • If your RV will be going into long-term storage it probably won't be plugged in to electricity. If this is the case then turn off the main breaker in the distribution panel
  • Remove dry cell batteries from devices like smoke alarms and clocks. Don't forget to replace these batteries in the spring

Other Suggestions to Prepare the Interior of Your Trailer

  • Close the window blinds or curtains to avoid sun exposure to your carpet, drapes and upholstery
  • Clean your air conditioning and heating filters
  • Remove all bedding and linens
  • Ensure the entire RV is cleaned thoroughly

Although closing up your RV is a lot of work, if you prepare the interior for camper storage now then you'll be ready to enjoy your trailer once the nice spring weather is here again.

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