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Are You Shopping for a Storage Rental?

If you are shopping for a storage rental then you want to do some research to ensure that you are making a smart decision.  When you are researching your options you want to consider things like location, security, unit size and included features.

It is important to first have a good idea of what it is you plan to store in your storage unit.  Keep in mind that as time goes on your storage needs may change or evolve.  If you want to store a boat or an RV then your needs will be much different than someone who needs to store clothing or files.  Knowing what it is you want to store is the first step. Location is also important.  You need to ensure that the location is convenient for you.  Is it close to home?  Is it close to work? Do the hours work for your schedule?  Some storage companies will offer access to the facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even on holidays.  However others have set hours during the day and different hours on weekends.  Ensure that the location you choose is convenient and will work with your schedule. Security is of course an important consideration.  There is no point storing your belongings in a facility that is not secure.  Some common security features include:

  • Video surveillance
  • Alarm systems
  • On site staff who conduct daily facility checks
  • Gated entrances
  • Motion sensors

Unit size is important, especially when it comes to affordability.  You need to ensure that you choose the right sized unit to store your belongings.  You need to be able to move around the unit in order to access everything that is stored easily. Also consider the features that are included in your storage unit.  If you are storing electronics then you want a unit that is climate controlled so that you can ensure your electronics are protected.  For outdoor storage for your vehicle you want to ask whether winter maintenance is included with the cost of the unit. When you conduct research and shop around then it can become easy to find the right storage rental for the right price. James Snow Parkway Self-Storage offers secure, affordable year-round storage to the Milton and Coldwater areas. With our 24-hour security and access you can rest assured your belongings will be safe and easily accessible whenever you need them. Contact a James Snow Parkway Self-Storage representative to learn about a self storage rental, rates and facilities.

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