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Indoor Boat Storage in Ontario can Save Your Boat

Outdoor boat storage in Ontario may be economical in the short term, but over the long haul your boat will age and deteriorate quicker. Store your boat indoors with James Snow Storage to avoid these problems: Frozen water bursting a spreader Water freezing can be the most damaging of things to happen to your boat in the winter. Even an aluminum spreader can burst and split due to water expanding by about 10% when it freezes. Splitting a headfoil A common finding come spring when a boat is left outside is that someone tries to put a jib on a headfoil only to find it not fit. Finding the tiny crack that developed slowly over the winter as water drips inside is the only sign that your headrail is broken. Cracking of base stanchions Water can easily collect in the base of your stanchions, freeze, and crack the thick aluminum. Water collecting in them during general usage can also weaken these stress points during the summer months. It is recommended that you drill holes in the bottom of them to drain water. Damage to the deck Repeated thaw/freeze cycles can push the fibreglass and balsa (or whichever wood you have) skins apart. This begins the cracking process. With the wood now open even more water can get in it and split it wide open. Rudders Your rudders are just as susceptible to water seeping in through the fittings as your decks. No matter how solid and well made they may appear to be there is little that can resist the steady and consistent effects of waters freeze/thaw cycle during a winter. Getting your boat in storage in Ontario can solve these problems. Contact us today to keep your boat ship shape for spring!

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