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Reasons to Use Storage for Your Car

There are any number of reasons why you may need to store your car. Whether you’re going on a trip and don’t want to leave your car in your driveway where it is susceptible to damage and vandalism, or if you want somewhere to put it over the winter so your garage is freed up for your winter vehicle, a self storage facility will be able to handle your vehicle with care. The economical way to do this is to park your auto in a storage facility with an outdoor lot. You are essentially paying to leave it in a secure parking lot. With all the staff on site, and the security measures in place at every reputable self store company, your car will be much safer than on the street. This is a good space for if you’re going away for the summer on a trip in your RV or if you’re flying to more distant lands. You can throw a cover over your vehicle for the duration of its stay and there will be little worry for the effects of weather. In winter the most economical way may not be the best way for your car. Heavy snow sitting on your car’s roof can be damaging if it sits for extended periods of time, and we all know the ill effects of snow and temperature change. Storing your car in a secure and heated facility will treat your car like a luxury automobile. Your worry about weather, pests and random acts of nature should be at a minimum. This will help your car last much longer for only slightly more money per month than outdoor storage. Most cars will fit in a 10’ by 20’ storage unit, but be sure to measure carefully so you have room. Remember you need room to open at least one door. When you rent your unit be sure to check that it is a drive up, a second floor room will not do you much good with a set of stairs in the way! Contact us here at James Snow Storage and we’ll take great care of your car for the winter or over your next holiday.

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