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As we move into the spring and summer seasons be sure to take extra care of your special items that you’re putting away till next winter…

When getting ready to transport fragile items into you storage unit, it's important to have the right packing supplies. You will need materials - such as bubble wrap, tape and newspapers to wrap and protect your fragile items, and strong cardboard boxes to place everything in.

Next, let’s think about what you're storing. Is it a special Christmas or Holiday glass? Thanksgiving China? A family heirloom for the Holidays? If it's something that could easily be broken because is very fragile and special, make sure you bubble wrap it. You could also use softer items such as towels, or small blankets. These protective layers should be placed in the bottom of the box before you wrap each individual item to give it some extra protection.

As you place valuables in the box, make sure they are packed tightly together to discourage any movement during transport to your indoor self storage unit. Stuff crumpled newspaper in between each item to ensure that everything is secure.

Be sure to close the box with strong and quality tape. Be sure to tape the top and bottom of the box very tightly, and also, secure all seams and corners as an extra precaution. When it comes to storing your valuable items from winter, you can't be too careful.

Rest assured that once you bring your valuables to your indoor unit at James Snow Storage, you valuable items will be 100% safe and secure. The process of getting them there in the first place without damaging them can be difficult if you are not packing properly.

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