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5 Worst Factors that Affect your Luxury Vehicle during Extreme Temperatures and Subsequent

The Tough Point of Managing Climatic Extremes

1.      Rising Temperature in Parking Vehicle during Hottest Days:

Do you know even during duration of 10 minutes a car left in parking becomes a stove-top in a hot day. Though temperature remains invariable outside most of the day time, the temperature inside the vehicle raises as it is kept it locked condition. If the situation is for a long time than the usual, something seriously needs to be done to protect your vehicle as increase in temperature inside the vehicle when it is kept in idle condition for quite a long time can damage the same.

2.      Impact of Solar Radiation:

Scientifically speaking the impact of greenhouse effect or otherwise called the solar radiation can easily penetrate into the vehicle through the windows and occupy the car interior.  Even radiation effect is also felt from other parts of the car that is exposed directly to sunlight. The radiation is absorbed and stays inside the vacuum parts of the car including the space under the seat, dashboard, etc. During such condition it is not safe to sit and take a drive immediately. Find the best self storage facility options for your vehicle to protect it completely from climatic influence.

3.      Extreme Cold Temperature and its influence on Parked Vehicle:

If extreme hot climate can be a life threatening factor for parked vehicle, the other extreme creates different sort of issues with the vehicle. For example, the water pump inside the vehicle can easily freeze and result in failure of certain mechanisms in car. If it is a luxury car, you need to be more precautious in spite of the advanced anti-freezing facilities provided.



4.      The need arises for Self Storage for Luxury Vehicles:

It would become tough to start the vehicle if it is parked for a long term during winter as battery needs to be in full charge as it takes quite some effort to start the engine. On the other hand, if the vehicle is protected in moderate temperature these kinds of issues can be reduced considerably. Paying for safe climate controlled storage for your luxury vehicle will keep you stay free from freezing issues. James Snow PKWY Self Storage offers climate controlled storage for your vehicles at the most affordable rental. We take care of different things that are prone to damage during a freezing climate and

5.      How about other Parts of the Vehicle React in Extreme Weather?:

Temperature extremes also take a chance over tires and flywheels, wipers and windshields as well.

Hiring Self Storage for Cars

Finding a cheap car storage in Ontario or self storage for different vehicles like  motorbikes, caravan, etc is a safe option to protect your vehicle from different risks like climatic influence, theft, etc. In spite of having all the required facilities at home, ensuring 24 hour protection from other sort of disturbances is doubtful. James Snow PKWY Self Storage provides variety of storage options at affordable rentals for short period as well as for long duration.


Car Storage Service for your vehicle is a Smooth and Reliable Solution for Protecting Your Complete Belongings. You can stay free from multiple risks and threats if you prefer to choose self storage rental.

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