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Tips for using your self storage in Milton

The Milton and Mississauga area has many self storage facilities because the city is close to the GTA and Highway 401. A great deal of people using these facilities are businesses, but ordinary people use them often too for when they move, or when they need to store seasonal items. Here are some tips to help you store excess office or home furniture.

Space The final frontier? No! Figuring out how much space you need is as simple as getting a tape measure andgetting the height, width and length of everything you are storing. Getting all the measurements is important as you may be storing a couh or office desk on its side standing up.

Be Creative Remember that you are not just storing on the space of the floor, there is usually 9 feet of space going up as well. Put your sturdiest items on the bottom and build on top of them. For desks, check to see if they have removable legs. If they do not then put items under them, especially ones which you do not want to see get crushed as the table will protect them.

Drive up Service If you are moving big heavy desks, couches and ottomans a unit that is on the ground floor which allows you to back the truck right up to it will be a godsend. Carrying things inside, taking them up stairs or elevators and trekking them down hallways takes time. Be smart with your time and choose a unit that is down on the ground floor for heavy items.

Protective Padding Isn’t just for Football Placing padding on all sharp corners and delicate finishes will protect your furniture. You want to keep these items around, that is why you’re storing them, so care for them before putting them away. You’ll be thankful you did when you go back to get them in the future.

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