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Outdoor and Indoor Storage Facility in Milton


Milton is an area that is well known for industry that focuses on storage through warehousing, and large industries such as automotive and advanced manufacturing. The close access to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport and the 401 highway makes this a great area for these types of businesses.

James Snow Self-Storage is proud to offer hassle free outdoor and indoor storage solutions to meet any budget. First time or not, we make self storage in Milton easy and simple. We offer practical storage solutions to meet your business storage needs. When commercial space is at a premium, know that you have options. Our large outdoor storage park can store your trucks, trailers, large vehicles and more.

Self-storage off site can be a huge benefit to these businesses as it can help them clear out space to focus on key aspects of their workflow. This can clear out space for peak production cycles when extra space is needed, or be a way to store seasonal items.

You’d think that a warehouse would have all the space it needs but this is not the case. Even a warehouse can even use self-storage off site. Slower moving items can be better kept elsewhere as they interfere with the flow of quick moving, and quick selling, items around the warehouse. The warehouse business is also like any other in that they have seasonal items. Putting these items away off site can keep you current and have you ready for the next time the seasons swing around by making a quick visit to your storage unit.

Large industry can use storage to clear out their loading zones and docks by parking their trailers in outdoor storage spaces. This will clear up loading zones so that they can be ready for busier times in their year. To use an example, say Dock B is commonly used to store a trailer during slower times at your business. When production picks up that dock is needed again. Moving that trailer to self storage is the solution to clear out the space you need to get your business in Milton back into high gear.

Our Climate-Controlled Storage area will ensure your valuable items are protected against the elements. Give your storage items the highest level of protection self storage in Milton.

Need help moving? We have a large selection of moving and packing supplies to make your move easy. Save time - we have all the extras you need for a smoother move and self storage in Milton.

Feel free to call us at 1-877-875-3838 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get more information about self-storage facilities and prices. Go ahead, have more space around your home and business to generate income... Leave the storage to us.

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